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Spot the Seal for Hurricane Relief + Cheddar Apple Pie Kabobs

September 29, 2017

This post was sponsored by Real California Milk but all opinions and content are my own.

There’s been a lot of natural chaos in the world lately, from earthquakes to hurricanes and beyond. It’s heart-wrenching to sit back and watch everything unfold, knowing your beautiful home could be taken from you at any given second.

Days before the large quake in Mexico City we experienced our own — the second this month — here in Sherman Oaks. After the rocking and rolling stopped, I couldn’t tell that the earthquake was over because I was shaking so hard. This was a minor event, so the terror I imagined that the people in Mexico felt that day was palpable. 

The U.S. has been ravaged by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and although I’ve donated as much as I could…

I still felt like there was more I could do.

So I researched companies that give back to hurricane relief and landed upon Real California Milk’s partnership with the Great American Milk Drive.

The Spot the Seal campaign means that Real California Milk donates $5 to the Great American Milk Drive (up to $20k) every time a user shares a photo of the Real California Milk seal on social media.

Here’s where you come in!

By sharing an image to your social accounts and tagging #SealsForGood, you will help the Great American Milk Drive and Feeding America in their quest to deliver milk to food banks to those in need. 

Since 2014, these organizations have delivered more than 1 million gallons of milk to food banks across the country to help families get the nutrients they so desperately need.

Hear a bit more about Real California Milk and their involvement with giving back to Texas and Florida in my video below, including a quick and easy snack that I’ve been making for Fox straight off the Real California Milk website called Cheddar Apple Pie Kabobs.

Again, all you need are Real California Milk cheddar, green apples, and red apples (all cubed), and a dash of cinnamon.


Fox loves this fun snack that’s easy to have on hand when we’re running out the door or to send along in his lunchbox at school.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help hurricane relief efforts or to find your next recipe featuring Real California Milk, click here.

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