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Spring Cleaning + New Living Room Chairs

April 4, 2018

This post is sponsored by the Libman Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.

Our living room is finally starting to piece together.

I did things a bit different this time, buying a piece of furniture and then waiting to see it in person to decide on my next move. One of my biggest purchases for this room came in the form of golden velvet chairs. They just arrived today, in the midst of a windstorm power outage (fun!) and I couldn’t wait to get them assembled and see them framing the fireplace.

Before I put these beauties in their new home, I wanted to go through and give the living room a good scrub down. 

It’s officially spring cleaning time!

Get this: when we first moved in, we quickly realized that there’s ample room for our cats to climb underneath our house. How did I figure this out? I found little black paw prints heading across my bathroom mats, into the tub, across my brand new white couch, and leading back into the crawlspace. They’ve grown bored with the chilly “upside down” of our home, but it does require a few more floor washes than I used to do.

One of the most useful tools in my cleaning arsenal is this Libman Wonder Mop. I’ve always preferred mopping over other methods of floor cleaning, and I love this one because it has a power wringer attached that makes it easier to clean my hardwood floors without water pooling everywhere. It’s a product I watched my grandmother use in her kitchen as a child and I continued the tradition. 

The biggest sell of this mop?

It can be thrown in the washing machine up to 50x!

I absolutely love this, because I never have to worry that I’m continuously spreading germs. It’s clean each time — and because it’s only $8 to begin with, that comes out to 0.16 per wash.

Get a $3 coupon when you sign up for the Libman Company newsletter.

Fox even gets in on the cleaning — what a gem.

He ran up to my husband after we were done and said, “Fox help mommy paint the floor.” I do admit that the mop does look like a giant paint brush!

As for the rest of the room, the only things I’ll need to add will be throw pillows, a blanket, and a bunch of art and trinkets. 

We’re planning on heading to Antique World’s Flea Market this weekend to see what we can find. It’s kind of like an adult scavenger hunt if you really think about it.

I’ll update with my finds!

Do you love or loathe cleaning?

Is it a time when you listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook? Dance around like no one (except your mop) is watching?

Sarabeth, The February Fox


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