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Stocking Up! Fall-Inspired Haul

October 9, 2017

This post was sponsored by Walmart.com but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you haven’t guessed it already, I *love* fall.

I was born in September and some days it seems like apple cider runs through my veins.

Living in California has major perks, but every year that rolled around when I first moved to town felt empty this time of year with high temps and a lack of falling leaves.

I have to put in extra effort to get the seasonal vibe I cherish each year.

You’ve probably figured out by now that come October 1st my house is filled to the brim with pumpkins, I have my harvest-themed movies on in the background, and spiced chai in my cup, but I like to get a few new things each year to keep it fresh and put me in the mood.

This year, I got online and headed to Walmart.com to see what kind of deals they were offering and they did not disappoint!

The main area I found myself lacking in was entertaining. We were in dire need of serving bowls and fall-feeling table decor. 

I set a budget of $70 for myself and went to work.

Does anyone else have the odd quirk of being more efficient with the scent of a candle or dinner cooking in the oven? 

Yummy smells just do something for me and motivate me to keep my drive on high.

Getting a new fall scent was a no-brainer.

I chose Caramel Cinnamon Roll from 719 Walnut Avenue. $4.93!

Then I took my new candle outside to our dinner table where I had just served up some chicken tacos for National Taco Day!

See our new glasses? We’re usually drinking out of Mason jars over here, but finally upgraded to some gorgeous plum-colored Pioneer Woman glassware. They came in a set of four for only $15.68. The quad reminds me of the glasses we used for our unity toast at our wedding, which is such a great memory to think of when I’m grabbing a drink of water.

Check out those bowls! All of the heart eyes.

These ceramic bowls come in a fall motif. They’re technically mixing bowls, but they’re beautiful enough to serve guests with and would look stunning on any Thanksgiving spread. Under $20 for all three!

The blanket in the corner is actually my new couch staple, but worked well for dipping nighttime temps outside too. It’s from Better Homes & Gardens and only cost me $14.93.

I’m beginning to think there’s a theme with our decorating at home because all of the items I purchased ooze with wedding inspo from our big day. We used buffalo check and fall colors throughout the day as a nod to my hometown of Buffalo, NY.

Mustard was our staple color, so you’ll find that I’m constantly reaching for it (or clicking on it) when purchasing just about anything. 

These kitchen towels come in a set of 4 from (you guessed it) the Pioneer Woman in both mustard and brick checks for $9.49.

I know you’re probably in disbelief that I still squeezed more items into my budget, but ya girl did it, so here’s my final item: a fall cold-shoulder sweater in the most stunning pumpkin color. 

I wore this sweater to the store the night I got it and a girl stopped me at self-checkout to:

  • Compliment it.
  • Tell me I looked like fall incarnate.
  • Ask what bare shouldered shirts are called.
  • Pretty much fall over when she found out it was $11.88.

This sweater makes it easier for me to walk around in fall clothing when we’re not exactly having chilly temps. I was super comfy and paired it with leggings, booties, and a vintage bandana tied around my neck.

I have to say that the ease of shopping for these items online left me tickled. 

Let me know if you’re into this type of haul posting and what kinds of items you’d like to see me go on the hunt for!

I’m hoping you love it because I really love shopping 😉

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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