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The Most Advanced Baby Monitor I’ve Ever Used: Smart Beat

September 9, 2019

When it comes to anything tech-related, I usually leave the expertise to Tyler. But when it comes to monitoring my baby boys, I take the reigns and dig thoroughly to make sure it meets my extremely high expectations. There’s no room for error when it comes to the safety of my children. Go ahead and call me a mama bear.

When Charlie was first born, I had Tyler pull out the two baby monitors we used when Fox was an infant. They worked fine for us then so we figured that they would be just as good four years later. Boy was I wrong. One device had a receiver that was unable to keep a charge, so the screen had to be permanently tethered to the nearest outlet. But even still it would shut off without warning, a situation that is totally unacceptable. Our second one had to be set up through an online service that doesn’t exist anymore, meaning it was completely unable to function.

We started shopping around.

I was shocked by the apparent lack of advancement in the realm of baby monitors since I last had to purchase one. Sure, the picture quality has increased, but it seems the headaches with getting them set up or consistently dependable only increased as well. We wanted something that was more than just your everyday humdrum baby monitor. We wanted something that would give us peace of mind when putting Charlie down for his naps.

That’s when I discovered Smart Beat.

The Smart Beat is a baby monitor that also tracks your baby’s breathing patterns during naps. By constantly analyzing for breathing, I get an alert to my phone when Charlie falls asleep, when he wakes up (even if he’s not crying), or if his breathing becomes irregular or even stops. 

  But perhaps the greatest part of the Smart Beat monitor is that it just works. I don’t need a degree in computer science to operate it, and I don’t need to perform elaborate setup routines or verify that a wearable gadget is where I left it last (and charged).

I mounted the camera using the secure but easily removable double-sided strip, plugged the base station into one of our mesh router stations and launched the app. When I put Charlie down for his nap, I was able to just tap on the screen and the Smart Beat notified me that it detected him and immediately started monitoring his breathing. In a few minutes, I got a notification that Charlie had fallen asleep. I was able to sit down and relax knowing that he was constantly monitored (although of course, I kept opening the app to look at him). After about an hour my phone notified me that Charlie had wakened – before he even made a peep. 

I am so thrilled that I now have a safe, secure and reliable monitoring system for Charlie’s naptime. If you would like to learn more about the Smart Beat monitor, be sure to check out their website.

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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