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The One Thing I Always Keep in My Apartment

July 22, 2016

Since downsizing from a home in the suburbs to a city-center apartment, we honestly don’t miss much. There is one thing though that our family often talks about that stings a bit: our beautiful backyard filled with flowers, plants, palm trees, and citrus fruits. We took it for granted too often and didn’t start using it until a month or two before we moved away. 

Even though the complex we live in has an abundance of greenery, there’s something about having fresh blooms inside the home that make it feel alive. It’s because of this reason alone that it’s the #1 thing I always keep in the house at all times.

Did you know flowers benefit mental health? Multiple studies worldwide have shown that indoor blossoms promote inner wellbeing. I mostly keep a bouquet on the desk where I work at home because I feel like it encourages me while I chug along, decreases any anxiety I feel over workload, and makes me more productive. 

I’m not a huge fan of mixed bouquets from the grocery store because of the short shelf life and the boisterous color schemes that often clash with our decor. I recently learned about a monthly subscription service called BloomsyBox that delivers single-variety only that are direct-sourced from suppliers in California, Holland, South America and Thailand. 

Another thing that stuck out to me is that BloomsyBox pays close attention to the farms that they source from, making sure they take care of both the environment and their workers. Within 2-4 days of the flowers being cut they arrive on your doorstep. 

I received two shipments to my apartment of mini calla lilies in two very unique shades. Lilies remind me of my mom so when I opened the boxes they immediately brought a smile to my face.

Mini Calla Lilies - TheFebruaryFox.com Mini Calla Lilies - TheFebruaryFox.com Mini Calla Lilies - TheFebruaryFox.com Mini Calla Lilies - TheFebruaryFox.com Mini Calla Lilies - TheFebruaryFox.comIn addition to a home delivery, BloomsyBox also offers gift and office subscriptions (and you’ll get a free vase with your first office shipment). If you’re interested in learning more, visit BloomsyBox.com.

What is your favorite bloom to keep around the house?


Thank you to BloomsyBox for providing me with such gorgeous mini calla lilies to enjoy here in Hollywood!

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