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The Perfect Holiday Charcuterie Board

November 19, 2019

Thank you Castello Cheese for sponsoring this post. Castello Cheese makes entertaining easy with its range of flavors.

Thank you Castello Cheese for sponsoring this post. Castello Cheese makes entertaining easy with its range of flavors.

If you’ve ever been to my house for a party, you already know that I do not let anyone enter the door without laying out a full charcuterie board.

It’s a staple in my household.

Charcuterie boards have something for everyone: crunchy, sweet, pickled, creamy… it’s all there.

No matter what season I’m creating a spread for, I always start by selecting cheese.

For this holiday season I selected three cheeses from Castello Cheese’s selection of over 40 flavors:

  • Creamy Havarti — For the mild ones. It’s a creamy cheese with a hint of tanginess and a beautiful aroma.
  • Traditional Danish Blue — Nutty with hints of marzipan and the soft bitterness of sourdough.
  • Smoked Gouda — Lightly smoked over hickory wood chips for a rich, creamy taste.

Make sure you slice up your cheese (and crumble some blue) to make sure it’s inviting for your guests to dive into. Have plenty of crunchies like bread, crackers, and crisps on hand for spreading and topping.

Sweet fruits like pears, grapes, pomegranates can help balance out the flavor profiles of the cheese, or opt for dried fruits like fig, cranberries, or ginger. A bowl of hummus with veggies make dipping a possibility. Finally, meats bring the spice and pair so well with the cheese that remains the cornerstone of your tray.

It’s so important that your charcuterie board be easy to eat as your guests canoodle with each other catching up on this year’s news.

If you’re serving wine with appetizers, be sure to educate yourself on the best pairings for the cheese so your whites will be chilled and ready, if necessary. For instance, the Creamy Havarti tastes delightful with a cabernet sauvignon, Traditional Danish Blue calls for a sauvignon blanc, and the Smoked Gouda needs a spicier flavor profile like one found in a pinot noir. 

Now, back to the cheese.

I highly suggest checking out the full selection of Castello Cheese for a well-rounded taste experience. Their flavors and textures are vast, making it easy to find something for everyone that you’ll be entertaining this season. The packaging includes easily understood flavor strength indicators that will guide you on intensity of taste based on a combination of flavor, texture, and smell.

Speaking of packaging, for a larger crowd I put chilled back-ups of each cheese I selected behind the unpackaged ones so guests know exactly what they’re reaching for. If not, perhaps invest a small amount in cheese markers to keep them in the know! There are adorable chalkboard options so you aren’t married to the same flavors each time you create a charcuterie board.

All four of my family members chowed down on this sweet spread as soon as I was done capturing photos — yes, even the baby! I thought for sure we’d be making a mean mac and cheese for dinner with the leftover cheese, but there wasn’t anything left after we got through with it. 

My favorite thing on the board? Grabbing an olive and stuffing with Castello Traditional Danish Blue!

You can find Castello Cheese in the specialty cheese aisle in a store near you.

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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