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Vroom Vroom… IMSA Racing Starts Today!

March 15, 2017

This post is sponsored by IMSA Racing but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Raising a little boy can be interesting as a new mom. Raising a little boy who loves cars unconditionally (“vroom vroom!”) can be entertaining. Raising a little boy who loves cars along side a husband who really loves cars and racing is all-consuming.

If you’ve been reading along the last several months, you already know that we’ve moved a couple times recently, and have settled into a lovely home in Los Angeles. We live on a fairly busy street, so Fox lets the family know every time he hears a car drive by. 

Lately, Fox has become extremely opinionated. He picks his food during mealtime, picks his favorite shows and movies to watch, and even picks his bedtime – something we’re working on. He has become obsessed with his toy cars and race tracks, and his favorite area at Disney California Adventure is Cars Land. While it feels like he is becoming a big boy way too fast, Tyler and I have found some joy in introducing new experiences to him.

One such is sports car racing. With Tyler and I working from home, our weekdays and weekends tend to blend together, and sometimes taking a few hours to enjoy an event on television is just what one of us needs. Tyler has a love for performance cars, and Fox is lucky enough to get all of the explanations about the sport when we watch IMSA races together.

I have even picked up some knowledge of the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. There’s actually four races that take place together, and the broadcast makes it enjoyable to follow along the different competitions and classes. This weekend brings us the Twelve Hours of Sebring from Florida. We have already cleared our entire day on Saturday to tune in and watch throughout our first real weekend (the race starts at 10:30 am EDT and airs on Fox Sports 1, the Fox Sports Go app, and

Tyler certainly has his favorite teams and drivers, while I root more for the cars I’d like to own in the future. Fox just likes all the cars so his favorite always wins.

Do you have any unique sports that your family enjoys watching? 

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