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3 Easy Projects to Make with Your Cricut Joy

April 28, 2020

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Crafting is one of the things keeping me sane as we stay inside for this extended period of time.

Last fall, the Cricut Explore Air 2 entered my life and inspired me to turn my basement into a full-fledged craft room.

I swear, it’s that good!

At first it was therapeutic to go down and take time to myself, but it quickly turned into a family affair once the kids discovered all the opportunities for creativity that comes along with.

Even though making a project downstairs in the still of the basement with an audiobook playing is right up my alley, I sometimes wished I was working upstairs as everyone winded down for the night.

A little extra family time is never a bad thing!

I made the trip up and down the stairs with my machine and materials many a time, and finally decided to keep it in it’s craft room home permanently.

I didn’t have the space upstairs I would have liked.

When Cricut launched their Cricut Joy product this spring, I jumped at the opportunity to give it a whirl!

Here’s my new workspace!

I didn’t even have to clear the table.

The Cricut Joy is the best of both worlds: same features as the Explore Air 2, but mini, ultra-portable, and lightning fast.

In fact, the tutorials I’m featuring today all took under 15 minutes a piece!

Cricut Joy is ideal for personalizing or to help with everyday projects. They’ve even made products that allow you to create mat-free and accommodate for long cuts — the longest being 20′! The smaller material size makes this the perfect tool to pack up and move. Furthermore, the Cricut Joy is completely controlled from your phone! No fancy machine settings or bulky computers needed.

Can you imagine the craft nights to be had?

Let’s get into these three super simple projects that can all be done in under a collective hour.

Baby Onesie

I had been eyeing this image in Cricut Design Space for months and I finally decided to add it to a onesie for Charlie.


How to

  1. Head into Cricut Design Space and choose/size your image.
  2. Trim off a piece of Smart Iron-On to best fit your project and let the app know you’re ready to roll! You’ll be prompted to feed the machine your material. Pro tip: be sure to mirror iron-on projects. Material will be loaded shiny side down.
  3. Weed the excess material from your design.
  4. Use your EasyPress 2 (or iron) to transfer your image to the baby’s onesie. It’s important to use a lint roller on the fabric before pressing. Ta-da! All set and ready to put on a cute baby of your choosing.

Flower Pot

Did you spot the next project in that last image of Charlie? This one will take you 5 minutes and spruces up any dull planter.


How to

  1. Find a font you love and think of a word you want to use. I used Four Seasons Home Decor.
  2. Type the word into Cricut Design Space, load your material, and cut. Peel off and apply to clean surface.

Greeting Card

In times like these, snail mail can go a long way. Whether your friend or family member is feeling a little lonely at home or you’re celebrating something special from a distance, these cards take minutes to brighten someone’s day.


This Card Mat does all the heavy lifting for you.

How to

  1. Use Cricut Design Space to select your project, then open your card and slide it onto the Card Mat.
  2. Load and let ‘er rip! Simply discard the cut pieces and tuck your insert paper into the four corners of your project. You can also personalize using special Cricut Joy pens.

For more information, visit where Cricut Joy is now available.

If you make one or all of these projects, let me know in the comments below!

Sarabeth, The February Fox


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