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3 Fast Ways to Use Dawn Beyond the Sink

May 2, 2019

This post is sponsored by Dawn but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

There’s nothing like the smell of a clean house.

Few things bring on the nostalgia as much as a fresh lemon scent. It’s ingrained in my brain from Sunday house cleanings as a kid.

One of the brands that shaped that yummy scent of my dreams is Dawn.

Dawn recently released a new line of products including this Dawn Ultra Total Clean, which offers 50% less scrubbing with 3x more grease cutting power per drop vs. the leading bargain brand. This is huge for me right now, because with all boys in the house, both my husband and I are constantly battling messes while mostly pressed for time.

We already know how helpful Dawn Ultra can be when fighting tough grease and stuck-on foods, but did you know there are dozens of ways to use this great product around the house that don’t involve dishes?

Here are three of my favorite ways to get clean fast and easy.

Making Toys Look Like New

My favorite time to clean toys is both before and after sickness strikes and after playdates leave the house. I’ve been wiping down toys like a maniac these days with a newborn present, especially since we’re dusting off toys that have been stagnant in the attic awaiting the next baby to come along. Mix a bit of Dawn Ultra with hot water and wipe away all the germs and — if your kids are anything like mine — chip crumbs and strawberry remnants. They’re really just everywhere.

Grease Stain Removal from Clothes

I’ve never had a problem getting stains out of clothing, but when it came to grease you’d frequently hear the words, “That’s grease — it’s never going to come out” fly out of my mouth. To be completely honest, I knew there were probably ways to save the clothing, but I also knew it was likely to take 10 steps and 5 products to achieve. I was so thrilled to find that Dawn Ultra could fix my family’s clothing! Apply a button-sized amount to affected area, rubbing in with your fingers before adding to your washing machine. Dry as usual and enjoy grease-free clothing!

Hand Tool Refresh

My husband is hard on his tools. They’re constantly being tossed from workbench to tool bag, often coated in grease. Simply add a teaspoon of Dawn Ultra to a gallon of hot water and rub away the grease with a sponge. Remember not to soak tools or leave them wet after washing as it can result in etching.

Right now at Sam’s Club or online at samsclub.com you can find both a 90 oz Dawn Ultra (equal to 11 refill bottles compared to 8 oz bottles, allowing for less waste) and a 3 pack of 24 oz Dawn Ultra Total Clean in Lemon Twist

Do you use Dawn as your secret weapon for something around the house? Let me know in the comments below!

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