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Gift Guide: 4 People to Buy for This Holiday Season

November 12, 2019

This post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Holiday shopping sure is polarizing. Some people love to be out and about finding things for the ones they love, while others want to avoid crowds and venturing out into the snow. Regardless of what side you fall into, I think we can all agree that it’s an exhilarating moment when you cross that final gift recipient off your list. Only at that point can you truly kick back and relax, enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer.

This is precisely why choosing the right store to do your holiday shopping means is crucial in the game that is gift giving.

Things to keep in mind when choosing where to shop:

1. What store will minimize the amount of stops I need to make?
2. Which store will best fit my budget?
3. Will this store carry unique items that will make my friends and family feel special?

The answer to all your shopping needs lies within your local Tuesday Morning!

Here are 4 categories of people I shopped for this year and a budget breakdown for each.

The Hip Dad

I prefer to “layer” gifts, meaning that I’d rather get a handful of lower priced items than one big splurge. This helps me show the recipient that I’ve been paying attention to what they like over the past year. It also helps me stick to a budget, whatever that may be.

For my husband, I chose a grooming kit and beard oil for tuning up, a Marvel trivia box, Funko Pop! figure, and Bingo game for fun, an iPhone speaker for his bedside table, and some treats like BBQ sauce and a candy bar! All in all, everything pictured totaled up to $42.42.

The DIY Queen

I’ve been bit by the crafting bug recently, and as soon as that happened I started paying closer attention to all the DIY materials that Tuesday Morning carries. Here we have both kraft paper and chalk tags, a fine line pen set, framed panels, a journal, canvases, 4 rolls of Cricut vinyl, and a storage container to hold it all, all for $52.39.

The Cozy Hostess 

There’s a few stores I swear by when decorating my home. One of those is Tuesday Morning! Whenever a loved one compliments something in my house, I take note and head to the shops to find similar versions for their own space. This gift spread includes a comfy blanket, organic candle, home decor DIY book, ceramic pitcher, soup bowl, winter coffee, matches, and garlic bread spice, costing $66.92.

The Pet Lover

Whether you’re buying for your furry friend or for a friend who loves pets, you can’t go wrong with updated supplies for the smallest family members. This food container, pet food bowls, toy trio, fuzzy bed, and fur brush amount to only $55.95.

Once you’ve gotten all your gifts together, don’t forget to grab holiday decor and wrapping before you head out!

 I got this beautiful wooden sign for under $40 and all of my wrapping (a decorative box, burlap wire ribbon, raffia ribbon, and 3 rolls of gift wrap) for under $25.

Don’t think I forgot about this kids! I picked up a Calico Critters dollhouse and a ukulele for Fox, while Charlie got a teether toy. Plus, I scored a gorgeous copper hot water kettle for $19 to use for holiday entertaining!

As you can tell, there’s something for everyone at Tuesday Morning making it a one-stop destination for gifting! Between the savings, unique finds, and quality name brands, this is where you’ll want to stop this holiday season.

To find a store to visit near you, visit the Tuesday Morning Store Locator here.

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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