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Does Flash&Go Actually Get Rid of Unwanted Hair?

November 18, 2015

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You know the feeling of thinking you’ve prepared for something and realizing you actually knew nothing at all? Well that’s motherhood for you. I have to be honest and say that there are a few things that really hit me from left field.

I distinctly remember telling a fellow mother during pregnancy that I would be putting Fox in his playpen outside the shower while I hopped in to do my thing. She laughed; I didn’t get it.

Flash forward a few months later and I’m lucky if I get three 5 minute showers into a week. You guys – I was totally gobsmacked by this! I had no idea that a simple task like shaving my legs would be so exceptionally difficult. I had cut my shower routine directly in half to the dismay of myself, my husband, and my hair stylist who really believes in the power of conditioner (sorry Aubrey!). Living in warm weathered San Diego, I couldn’t just quit shaving so I needed to find a solution.

When I was approached by Flash&Go to try out their permanent hair removal system I was eager to get my hands on the product to say the least.

FlashNGo Review

After I got through the clean, beautiful packaging I read up on some important safety instructions. It turns out I’m a great fit for this product as it works best with light-skinned brunettes. Darker pigmented skin (including tattoos) are susceptible to burns and should be avoided. Flash&Go uses light technology and promises to give you permanent hair removal results, saving you money and time on waxing, shaving, and plucking.

Right before I triggered the first pulse of light I tensed up not knowing what to expect. The light flashed, similar to a camera, and I didn’t feel a thing. That was one thing that struck me as both nice and strange all at once – if you don’t feel it, is it really working?

Because Flash&Go instructs users to schedule treatments in two-week intervals, you will generally see results after the third or fourth treatment. Then you switch to monthly treatments.

Fast forward three treatments and I’ve already noticed results. I chose to focus on my legs during this time and it shows.

FlashNGo Review

FlashNGo Review

FlashNGo Review

FlashNGo Review

FlashNGo Review

Verdict: Plain and simple, Flash&Go was easy to use, effective, and safe. I will continue to use the product to further the positive results I’ve achieved already. I’m finding that my showers feel like less of a chore and more relaxing. I also picked up a couple more as gifts for the women in my family (Merry Christmas, ladies)!

I purchased my Flash&Go at Kohl’s (also available at Bed Bath & Beyond) and then ran to where I entered in the code off my receipt and received a $25 gift card. This entry automatically entered me to win a trip to Aruba! You can redeem the gift card up to three times – a total of $75 to spend at either retailer.

FlashNGo Review

This is the perfect gift for new moms like myself or any other busy person in your life that wants to carve out a little more “me time.”

Be sure to let me know how you like the product once you get your hands on a system! Oh, and if you win the trip to Aruba, please take me.


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