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Finding the Right Nursing Bra at the Care Connection

August 4, 2019

I’ve made it no secret that nursing my first child didn’t work out.

One of the major obstacles I faced was that the professionals that were there to guide me made me feel judged and inadequate. There’s very few things I’ve experienced that were as scary as knowing I was responsible for a fragile little life, so this shook me to my core and I moved onto formula almost immediately believing my body wouldn’t let me breastfeed. It wasn’t until having my second baby that I realized all the things I could have done to troubleshoot with Fox to make it work.

It’s my belief that if I would have had more support after Fox was born that breastfeeding would have been an option.

Prior to the birth of my second child I made sure to heavily arm myself with facts and contingency plans. 

Charlie had no issues latching from the start, but my nipples cracked and bled causing pain every time I nursed.

Charlie’s pediatrician had suggested I take a trip to the Care Connection in Amherst to pick up nursing cups for my cracked nipples. She mentioned that she’s a customer of theirs and raved about what a great little shop it is! So when Care Connection reached out to me about coming in for my postpartum needs, I already felt comfortable in their hands.

The Care Connection provides lactation services with Western New York insurances. There you can shop for products for both mom and baby, take one of their many classes, visit with a certified lactation consultant, and more.

About three months into my postpartum journey I had already suffered three bouts of mastitis and multiple clogged ducts with a crazy amount of overproduction. Although I managed to fix it on my own, it was painful and time consuming. When I mentioned this to Care Connection, they sent along a package with helpful tools — but the one item that stuck out was Legendairy Milk’s Sunflower Lecithin. This product is a natural fat emulsifier that makes milk less “sticky,” lubricating your ducts so that they unclog. You can also take this product prior to having any clogged ducts as a means to avoiding the issue altogether. I had two separate instances where I needed help and this product made a significant difference overnight, ultimately getting rid of the pain altogether.

The ladies at Care Connection also noted that the fit of my nursing bras may be causing clogged ducts. I had no idea what size I was anymore, so I needed help determining my best fit. Fox and I drove over on Saturday so I could be measured and try on a handful of bras and nursing tanks in my correct size.

Getting measured took about a minute and the tape measure went over the top of my clothing since I was wearing a thin tank top. 

I picked both a nursing bra and a nursing tank to take home and, after trying roughly 10 options out for a spin, I realized post-selection that the two items I chose were the same brand: Bravado!

The bra pictured is the Bravado Designs Belle Nursing Bra in Rose Dust. Here’s a link to the tank I picked up.

I have not experienced clogged ducts since.

I also realized my old nursing bras were causing back pain that I had originally pegged on nursing in general! It was a very eye-opening experience.

If you’re interested in stopping in or learning more, visit The Care Connection online.

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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