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Five Things I Allow Myself to Indulge In

August 22, 2016

Today’s post is sponsored by Lean Pockets, but my love for their satisfying, tasty options are all my own!

You always hear the saying that your life ends when you have a child. While I understand the concept of that expression, especially considering the time involved with making sure our boy is healthy, happy and safe, there are several aspects of my pre-parenthood life that I simply refuse to give up.

Let me start by explaining that our son is “spirited” to say the least. He sleeps several hours less than the average 17-month-old, occasionally skips his daily nap, and is readily available for a sprint around the neighborhood. We’ve been able to trade off responsibilities and keep the guy entertained throughout the day and night, which allows me to keep some of the little important things possible in my life.Top 5 Summer Movies - TheFebruaryFox.com

Watch (or Binge) Television

I recently read a comment from a parent that they knew nothing about the hit series “Stranger Things” and blamed it on the fact that they had a young child. While we do let Fox watch an occasional educational television show, we covet the time when he’s asleep to catch up on our own television obsessions. We were able to knock out Stranger Things by cranking out 2-3 episodes each night while winding down after a busy day. It’s one of little joys that we can appreciate as a couple even after the baby goes down.Stitch Fix Review - TheFebruaryFox.com

Continue My Favorite Subscription Boxes

We have had to restructure our spending since having Fox, and I’ve cut down on some less-than-essential expenses, but I made sure to keep a couple of my favorite little presents coming each month. Especially when I get caught up with everyday life raising our son, there’s nothing quite like getting a special package in the mailbox when you least expect it. Nothing better than 12 birthdays a year!Lean Pockets

Eat Delicious and Healthy

We recently made a big move, from the suburbs of San Diego to urban Hollywood in Los Angeles. We’re surrounded by amazing food that is exuberantly expensive and packed with calories. We enjoy a splurge here and there, but to save money and daily nutrition, we schedule regular grocery trips. One of my favorite go-to meals for a quick and healthy lunch are microwaveable Lean Pockets. I can keep an eye on the banshee that is at full mid-day steam, and not have to break from my normal work before his afternoon nap.Disneyland with Baby Jogger - TheFebruaryFox.com


I read all the time that the best advice for new parents who want to travel the world is simply to not do it. I couldn’t disagree more. Fox is nearly 18 months and he’s already been to four foreign countries (soon to be five), rocked an East coast road trip, a UK road trip, and been on more trains than I had been on at my high school graduation. We’ve embraced our son’s adventurous attitude and worked it to our advantage when planning our travel. We have already built up a library of keepsakes and memories that we can pass on as he grows older.Headphones

Listen to My Favorite Music

If you didn’t pick up on it, Fox has had his fill of road trips. Before we met, Tyler spent years on the road as a musician, traveling tens of thousands of miles per year, and I cherished the ability to get away via car to anywhere on the East Coast or midwest, even if it meant a day’s drive. I would prepare playlists, plan each of my stops and make an adventure out of the journey. Since our son was born, we haven’t been able to drop the road trip adventure from our life (or our love of music). A month from now, we’re even embarking on a 800 mile road trip through Iceland as a family. Playlists have been set, and while we have a handful of “Fox-calming” songs, he knows that we’re in charge when it comes to music and driving entertainment.

Is there anything that you’ve specifically been able to keep since starting a family? Anything that you’ve given up? 

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  • Reply Dominique August 24, 2016 at 10:35 am

    Yes! All of this. I seriously follow your blog because of all the pretty pictures of your travels and subscription boxes. Not to mention how adorable Fox is! I haven’t had a Lean pocket in so long! Don’t know why I stopped!

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