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Good Things Come to Those Who Book Flights

October 8, 2016

One of my most prized possessions is my passport. It’s proof positive that I’ve gone some pretty incredible places in my short lifetime, that little book that reminds me how small I am in such a vast world. I’ve just returned from Iceland last night and after reviewing some photos I captured along the way, it’s safe to say my jaw will be on the floor for awhile longer. 

Before I left, I was gifted this amazing passport holder from a beautiful company called Red Leaf Leather. All products are handmade with care and are completely customizable. I chose my favorite color of the bunch (mustard yellow) and my favorite travel quote “Good things come to those who book flights”, and got mine in the mail shortly after. The inside has two extra slots that I kept my license and business cards tucked into.

It’s the perfect gift for the holidays if you have a traveler to buy for — here’s one that a girl had made for her best friend that would be heading to Italy that read “Ciao Bella.” Love!

Start creating your own here. Be on the lookout for more Iceland posts over the next couple of weeks!IcelandIceland Iceland IcelandFeb-Fox-SB-Signature

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