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How to Help Shelter Cats While Doing Your Grocery Shopping

May 15, 2018

This post is sponsored by Cat's Pride but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Recently I took a moment to reflect on which parts of my blog make me happiest. 

I peered through the yummy food posts of recipes that I still make to this day and moved on through memories of parenthood that strike vivid pictures in my mind with each written detail. I reflected on each place I’ve traveled to and felt the sudden urge to recreate tablescapes too many seasons in advance. 

But there’s one topic that gives me just a bit more joy than the others:

Sharing causes that are dear to my heart.

I promised myself from the beginning that this humble platform I’ve grown from the ground up would be more than a self-serving diary. I’ve talked about helping children get the supplies to live that they’re so deserving of, how to join forces with teachers to build their classrooms, where to drop diapers off for underserved families, and now I’m going to share a tidbit about how to help shelter cats.

We have two rescue cats, Peter and Sweet Dee.

Although we’re not currently able to adopt any additional cats at this time and, like most people, it’s not always financially possible to constantly donate to charitable organizations as much as you’d like. 

When we lived in California we discovered Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® litter at our local Walmart and began using it regularly. Now that we’ve switched coasts, we purchase from Tops or Wegman’s, although still available at Walmart and Amazon amongst other locations.

Each purchase of each green jug provides one pound of litter to animal welfare organizations across the US through their Litter for Good™ program. They’re helping millions of shelter cats and you can help this impressive initiative!


Go to and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club to nominate a shelter to receive litter donation. 

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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