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The View from the London Eye

May 1, 2016

Our second day in London turned out to be a hilarious one by day end, but we’ll get to that later.

We hopped on the Tube in the morning and off to the Coca-Cola London Eye to see the city from a new angle. Admittedly, I’m no good when it comes to tolerating heights, but when we travel I can’t pass up even the scariest of situations if it means a good story will come of it. We easily found the ticket office across the way from the attraction and collected our Fast Track tickets. I would highly recommend a Fast Track ticket if you have a packed day of sightseeing, just in the event that your time is a bit more regulated – we didn’t wait even a second.

As soon as we boarded I noted that the ride was almost undetectable. The carriage didn’t swing with the wind or jerk around, it was seamless and I was not frightened whatsoever. 

The London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comWe got to skip the line with the Fast Track 😉

The London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe bench in the center of the carriage was amazing for my traveling feet. 

The London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comWe opted to go early, but there are also late night experiences (or dual, you get passes to both day and night 30-minute sessions). Also available: the Champagne Experience, Hotel Chocolat Tasting Experience, Wine Tasting Experience, Elizabeth Afternoon Tea, and more. Fox doesn’t love staying seated these days, so we opted for the “original” version, but these other options are droolworthy!

The London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThere was a mini metal bar around the circumference of the carriage and it was just the right height for Fox! He loved it, leaning on it and pointing spontaneously to show me a boat passing. I wonder if I’ll ever get his wild hair in control.

The London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comAlways snapping a photo, or in this case Snapchatting! If you aren’t following me yet: sarabethmack. 

The London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThe London Eye - TheFebruaryFox.comThis is the face of a one-year-old who simply could not be bothered to take a picture if it meant his two feet would not be touching the ground! As soon as we put him down he was laughing. Mama didn’t get her all smiles family picture aboard the London Eye – haha.

A 4D experience was also included in our tickets, a really neat film with groundbreaking in-theatre effects like wind, bubbles and mist.

If you enjoyed the photos, take a peek into our experience here on YouTube! 

Thank you to the London Eye for hosting me and my family on such a fun circular tour around London!

Now to share the most hilarious part our of trip (there were a couple close contenders): Tyler straight up left me and Fox in the middle of London! Well, unintentionally. He’s going to be so embarrassed I’m sharing this, but it’s too funny not to.

On our way back to the hotel we went down the stairs of our Tube stop, Fox in my arms, Tyler carrying the stroller and all of our things. The warning bell dings that the doors are closing and he jets on, totally getting stuck in the door but sliding in alone. I stood there laughing and waving at him through the glass as everyone looked on in horror. What a newb! 

Luckily I remembered the name of the stop and hopped on, but neither of us had service underground to communicate. He was riding to Baker with his fingers crossed hoping I was too, not knowing if he should turn around! So I get outside the station and it took a bit to locate him. In the meantime, Fox straight up pees on me! All over me. And Tyler has the diaper bag. It was the most hilariously dramatic moment and definitely a story I’ll be telling for some time!


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  • Reply Lindsay Satmary May 1, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Love your pictures! I had so much fun on the London Eye when I went back in 2006. It’s amazing to see the whole city. I think everyone should try it during the day and at night for a totally different experience.

    • Reply Sarabeth McElhaney May 2, 2016 at 12:02 pm

      I really wish I would have went at night as well to get a feel of both! But being able to experience it even once was breathtaking.

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