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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Tyler’s Small Business Picks

June 7, 2019

Around Christmas I asked my husband to pop on over to my blog and spotlight some of his favorite things I’ve ever gifted him. With Father’s Day coming up we’re doing it again, but this time we’re focusing on some cool small businesses.

Check out three of Tyler’s recent favorites!

Great Lakes Coffee Roasters Coffee

So I’ve been really into coffee lately. And I’ve always been into sweets. To my surprise, Sara was able to find these delicious ground coffees from a Great Lakes Coffee Roasters right around the time we saw that they were opening up a cute new location near our home. I’m partial to the sponge candy flavor as it carries the sweet smell of the Buffalo-famous treat without too much when sipped, but Loganberry is a close second!

JFR Glass Rocks Glasses

I always love hand crafted pieces, and nothing is more intimate than a powerful and beautiful glass. No matter what type of liquid it contains, these custom rocks glasses exude class; just holding one feels like a work of art in your hand. Handmade by glass artist Jared Rosenacker, these glasses are made with clear and amber opalescent glass that give a rustic and custom touch to your favorite drink.

Rust Belt Love Print

What a wonderful hand-made piece of art from Rust Belt Love! Inspired by the Western New York region, the love and dedication that Aly puts into each piece is evident immediately. Buffalo is known for its architecture so these 5×7 prints are perfect for anyone who loves the Queen City. It even inspired me to pick back up my pen and paper and get back into drawing. Rust Belt Love also provides stationary, greeting cards and even wedding invitations.

Which of these will you be gifting this Father’s Day?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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