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Play! at the Autry Museum of the American West

June 17, 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of previewing the Autry Museum of the American West’s new exhibit, Play!

I opted to check it out sans kiddo first so I could really dig deep into the items on display, but as soon as I walked in I realized that was a mistake.

He would have absolutely flipped in the best way possible. 

Entering the exhibit was like strolling into a different world, like Willy Wonka and Honey I Shrunk the Kids all rolled into Toy Story. Let that sink in!

There were simple machines, hidden dioramas, playable video games, digital cookies to make and “eat,” a teddy to snuggle with while reading a book, a mini-mid-century modern house — endless options of play. In addition to the play aspect, there are over 200 historic objects to view in the flesh.

My favorite item was the wooden ice skates circa 1900. 

Towards the end of the exhibit I stumbled upon a theater where kids were putting on plays with costumes and moveable sets.

Fox is active in every sense of the word (part of the reason I left him at home for the media preview), and he tends to take off as soon as he’s put down. I’ve found it difficult to find a ton of places other than outdoor playgrounds to set him down and let him be completely independent, so I’m thrilled to have found Play! at the Autry since he has complete rule of the roost!

I cannot wait to bring him back!

The exhibit opens tomorrow, June 18th, and closes January 7th

I’ll update soon with Fox’s take on the exhibition 😉

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