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MVP-Status Football Party Menu

January 8, 2018

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Almost three years ago, I was planning Fox’s 1st birthday party. I chose camping as the theme and promptly purchased all the party supplies and a woodland-themed high chair banner emblazoned with “1” on the middle flag — the excitement was mounting!

A few days later I had a closer look at the calendar and realized his birthday landed square on the biggest football day of the year.


I knew right then that the lanterns and buffalo check would have to be swapped out for penalty flags and referee whistles.

This was only my second time cooking for a crowd, so I was a bit nervous at what kind of menu to put together — especially since I’d want to spend most of my time mingling with guests and soaking up every minute with my 1-year-old.

Putting together a jaw-dropping party is relatively simple when all hands are on deck, which is exactly the position I was in for this particular event.

This year, my husband and I are on our own, so we’re making a few changes.

The one staple of any football party I throw will always be Hillshire Farm ® Lit’l Smokies ® Smoked Sausage. When I met Tyler he was eating these slathered in BBQ aka he didn’t know what living really felt like yet.

You only need 3 ingredients to elevate your Lit’l Smokies game:

  • 1 package Hillshire Farm ® Lit’l Smokies ® Smoked Sausage
  • 12 oz. chili sauce
  • 18 oz. grape jelly
  1. Simply heat jelly on low until syrup-like consistency.
  2. Stir in chili sauce and add smoked sausages.
  3. Set on simmer and serve when warm (although the longer they simmer, the yummier they taste IMO).

Next up? Chicken wings!

Any true Buffalonian would make sure wings are on their game day spread and I’m here to deliver.

This year I’ll save myself a lot of time by using Tyson(® Any’tizers ® Snacks that just require a quick trip in the oven and voila! 

And for the main dish? Submarine sandwiches!

I chose to wrap my subs in unbleached parchment paper with a little bakers twine to close it and the guests really seemed to enjoy it.

The contents of each sandwich included various Hillshire Farm ® lunchmeats as well as cheese, with sandwich pickles, mustard, mayo, sandwich oil, tomatoes, and lettuce on the table so guests could customize their own subs.

My husband made a few things of his own including delicious bacon-wrapped jalapeños, so head over to Tynology.com to see what he cooked up!

And if you’re wondering what items to look for in-store, see the image above as well as these two yummy items. 

I did all my shopping at my local Walmart and they had everything I needed in stock!

What are you planning on putting on your big game day spread this year?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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