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Mom’s Best Kept Secret: Grocery and Baby Essentials for Pickup at Walmart

February 18, 2019

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart Baby Savings Days. The opinions and text are all mine.

We are just weeks, maybe even days, away from baby boy’s arrival! Our checklist is dwindling and hospital bags are packed. We’ve been trying to narrow down the last essentials in preparation for the baby’s imminent arrival. Meanwhile, his big brother Fox has been helping me organize the house and put all the new baby items away.

When you ask Fox what I do for a living, he says, “Mommy works hard for toys, food, and pretty things around the house.” On the other hand, he thinks my hardworking husband, the lead designer at a local boutique ad agency, is a retail employee.

I blame it on all of the online orders I place for pickup that I have my husband retrieve on his way home.

My son sees the bags and thinks that’s where his dad is each day when he goes to the office.

Purchasing items using in-store pickup is a favorite of mine, because I don’t need to make a list or force my husband to comb through the women’s beauty aisle to find me the perfect shade of red lipstick. I simply shop, have him pick up, and it saves us both a lot of time and frustration.

I remember the days when Fox was an infant and thinking that my husband coming home 5 minutes late felt like hours. My work day started when he walked in the door and by that point, I needed a break and a coffee refresh. But oftentimes he’d be running out for diapers and wipes, or a new baby thermometer after ours just wouldn’t calibrate right, causing upheaval in our nightly routine and everything to go sideways.

Now that we’re on round two I’ve wisened up, and not only do I buy groceries for pickup, but also my baby essentials.

Speaking of baby essentials, I wanted to share several products I’ve gotten from Walmart recently that I got in preparation of baby.

Summer Infant® SwaddleMe® Original Swaddle — What a Hoot

We tried a few different swaddles with Fox and this was one of them. We got these from a friend who had just had a baby and swore by them, and we wound up loving the Summer Infant Swaddles way more than all the others and got a two pack for the next little one. They’re 100% cotton and adjustable for the perfect fit, simulating a womb-like feeling for baby so they don’t startle in their sleep.

Pampers® Swaddlers

This is my favorite of all the diaper options out there, hands down. Pampers was the brand given to us at the hospital and what we stuck with for two and a half years. My favorite feature is the yellow/blue striped wetness indicator, so clean diapers are not wasted, and changes are made easy. They’re blanket-like soft and offer 12 hours of protection! There’s even an umbilical cord notch that protects baby’s belly with a contoured fit.

Milkmakers® Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookie Bites

Admittedly, I did not prepare well enough for breastfeeding last time. I did not do my research on what foods to consume, what to drink, or how often to feed/pump. This time around I’m prepared and have started a stash of goodies to help my milk flow, starting with these cookie bites! They’re lactation consultant recommended and come in three yummy flavors: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Salted Caramel.

Johnson’s® Cottontouch Newborn Baby Wash & Shampoo

My mom used Johnson’s products on me when I was a baby and it was another item we used in the hospital when Fox was born. You can see the running theme here that I have some serious brand loyalty! This particular product is blended with real cotton, making it ultra-light and gentle for newborn skin. Plus, it’s easy to rinse clean, which is a big perk when bathing a slippery little newborn.

Order your own baby essentials and groceries from Walmart using the code “WOWFRESH” for $10 off your first grocery order of $50 or more! Plus, Walmart shoppers can make online orders get free 2-day shipping with purchases over $35.

Have you hopped on board the pickup train yet?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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