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Skipping the Tax Office This Year for More Family Time

March 10, 2019

This post is sponsored by H&R BLOCK, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We’ve had our fair share of things to get done this spring. Everything from deep cleaning our house and moving our rooms around to better suit our growing family to Fox’s swim lessons and dealing with a heavy winter – oh did I mention the arrival of our newest little one? Yeah he’s kept us occupied as well.

With all the major changes the last thing on my mind has been how to handle our taxes. Every year it seems to be the same procrastination, stress and headaches of timing the completion of our always ever-complex taxes.

Both my and my husband’s income from blogging comes from a wide variety of sources. Add the fact that we moved in 2018 and Tyler has a separate full-time job as a designer, we’re quickly moving into a unique tax situation. Maximizing deductions to minimize our tax burden is our highest priority and it’s critical we make the right decisions with what expenses we can claim.

That’s why this year we opted to use H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go service. Never have I had such a quick and easy process to get my taxes started. We get to work with Nancy, who is an H&R Block tax professional that was matched specifically to us based on our tax situation and location. After being matched with Nancy, we uploaded all our documents through a secure online portal and had a quick call with her so she understood our goals and priorities when it comes to filing this year. I was given an upfront price for filing our taxes before I even left the homepage, and the process was a breeze throughout. Within 5 days, I’ll hear back from Nancy, so she can explain all our credits and deductions and then I’ll sign and file.  Just a few clicks and notes to Nancy and my taxes are done and I’m able to jump back to enjoying our new baby boy.

Best of all, we won’t have to step foot in a tax office once. With the new baby in the home and work always constant, the last thing Tyler or I wanted to do was take extra time out of our slammed lives to deal with the complexities of our taxes. The hours we’ve saved have lovingly been spent with our new baby boy and sharing these special first moments together. Taking extra care of our home and family have been highest priority lately, and being able to just upload our forms and know that our taxes are in the hands of an expert makes me breathe a lot easier.

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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