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Fox’s Favorites: A Toddler’s Take on Toys

October 9, 2016

This post was sponsored by Diapers.com as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Did I ever tell you that I’m a mindreader? Let me show you. I happen to know that all of my readers who are parents set high standards for their parenting before baby arrived and bailed on at least two items on the list. Am I right?

Here are a couple of mine:

  1. Continue on with my daily life (errands, get togethers) with kids in tow, because I can train him to be a good boy and not melt down in public. Ever.
  2. Only buy toys that fit into the color scheme/decor theme of our home, because company, duh.

I’ll give you a few seconds to laugh it out.

1… 2… 3…

My first rule went out the window immediately. Fox was colicky and we barely left the house. Now that he’s in toddler mode, he’s unpredictable and trips to the store are taken with bated breath. 

The second item on my list was pretty easily followed because up until about a month ago, Fox didn’t really like toys. The only things my kiddo wanted was a pad of paper and a pen.

As soon as he hit 19 months old, he flourished and really started picking up on things we taught him. He can point to his nose, mouth, ears, and eyes when we ask which is which, he’ll let us know what noises lions, kitties, and cows make, and we often catch him pretending to pour cereal into a bowl or “shop” with his mini-cart. We completely jumped on this and decided it was time to fill up his play area with a few interactive toys and create a space where his mind can expand even further.

We’ve learned that between toddler wrangling and city center living, it’s easiest to do our shopping online. I had picked up a few things from Diapers.com before our trip to Iceland (a baby carrier, travel toys, clothes — yes, they carry more than just diapers!) and decided to place a second order for some new toys. Here’s what we wound up bringing home, now Fox’s current favorites!

Pacific Play Tents Grocery Store/Puppet Theater Tent Toy

The perfect place for Fox to play pretend. It’s so roomy and tall, and multi-sided so you can switch between puppet theater and grocery store. He loves having his very own quiet space, but also loves when his Da crashes the party! Must click to get the full idea, it’s so cute! Under $50 too.Favorite Toys for a 20 Month Old Favorite Toys for a 20 Month Old  Little Tikes Activity Garden

This activity center keeps him busy for so long! There’s a shape sorter, doorbell, telescope, and more. Recently, Fox found my lipstick and scrambled to this area for refuge; when he saw me walking up to collect, he slammed the front door so as to tell me I couldn’t come in 😉Favorite Toys for a 20 Month Old Fisher Price Smart Stages Piggy Bank

Fox spent some time with his cousins recently and I noticed he gravitated towards this cute piggy bank. This toy teaches him to count in both English and Spanish, and the proud look on his face when he finishes adding the coins in the slot gets me every time.

Favorite Toys for a 20 Month Old

VTech Create & Discover Learning Desk

I mentioned earlier that Fox loves drawing, so this item blends creating art (the top lifts to reveal and easel/chalkboard) with different learning components like a talking clock and removable slides that help him learn seasons, numbers, classroom items, etc.Favorite Toys for a 20 Month OldFavorite Toys for a 20 Month Old

Diapers.com offers 1-2 day shipping, free for orders $49 or more! Save 20% off your first order plus extra $5 off with a case of diapers with code TRYUSLOVEUS or 10% off your second order. Must use before 12/31/2016 🙂

What are your favorite children’s items at the moment?


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