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March 9, 2016

The first time I ever had my makeup professionally done was the trial run for my wedding. When the MUA left the house I stared at myself in the mirror thinking “whoa!” There were angles in my face that I’d never seen before and I had this incredible glow that I couldn’t quite recreate by myself. She had used an airbrush machine – something I didn’t even know existed. And to be honest, I hadn’t looked into getting one for myself because I figured that the cost would be too high and that little ol’ me wouldn’t be able to figure out how to work it.
All of the reasons above are reasons why I’m so excited to partner with Luminess Air and give their airbrush makeup kit a spin.
There were so many perks that I noticed right off the bat. First and foremost – I didn’t have to touch my skin! I’ve never really had A+ skin and in college it got out of control with acne, so putting my hands all over my face was never the ideal situation. I have to work really hard to keep my skin looking completely clear. Another high point of not touching is the lack of pulling on the skin, resulting in less wrinkles.
TL;DR clear skin, less wrinkles.
Another perk is the ease of coverage since products can be color matched by mixing. The product goes on nice and smooth and I got to choose how much coverage I wanted. One “coat” for the beach, two for the farmer’s market, three for date night.
Airbrush Makeup -
I chose the Luminess Legend Airbrush System in aqua and white. The kit came with the Legend airbrush compressor and stylus, AC adapter, 1 year warranty, 2 – 0.55oz bottles ultra foundation, 1 – 0.25oz bottle blush, 1 – 0.25oz skin brightening glow, and 1 – 0.25oz moisturizer/primer. 
Surprisingly, the airbrush makeup was really simple to apply. Luminess has an app to download and plenty of help on their website to show me exactly how to hold the stylus, how far to hold from my face, and what goes where.
First I went in with the moisturizer/primer, following up with my own concealer under the eyes. This is a personal preference, but much needed on my end as my under-eyes are genetically very dark. Then I started with a mixture of the two foundations and settled on three coats for a full-coverage look. The skin brightening glow helped my tired eyes even more when I applied in a triangle shape under my eyes and down my cheeks. I finished off with some blush on the apples of my cheeks. When I was done applying my makeup, I added a setting powder over the top.
Overall, Luminess exceeded my expectations. The product rested over my pores and gave me a flawless finish, plus it actually lasted the entire day without sliding off!
Airbrush Makeup - TheFebruaryFox.comAirbrush Makeup - TheFebruaryFox.comLuminess Air has opened up an offer for readers of The February Fox for 20% your very own system! Visit their website and enter the code below to get started.
Luminess Promo Code - TheFebruaryFox.comHave you ever tried airbrush makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

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