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Baby Boy Names We Almost Picked

April 24, 2019

As I mentioned before in my list of baby girl names we would have picked, Charlie was always going to be a Charlie. Initially we had decided it would be his middle name after a contentious battle over whether or not we would roll with Charles or Charlie.

This list is longer than the other because we had to focus so hard on a boy name as soon as we found out.


Smith was the alternate name had we not chosen Fox. When Tyler and I were engaged we went to Paris where he drove me around on a Vespa and I saw a street artist painting one of those name art signs and the name Smith. I was immediately drawn to it but, in the end, Fox won out.


This was one of my top contenders. Fox even demanded we name the baby Rocco at one point! Tyler wound up axing the name off our list because he didn’t think we could pull off the Italian-sounding moniker. 


Another name chosen while traveling, this one came from a gentleman in Northern Ireland who wanted to give us an itinerary to follow in Belfast. He’d say, “Tell ’em Rory sent ya!” after each and every direction — he must have known everyone in the whole country! Alas, Rory McElhaney sounded like a famous golfer *cough Rory McIlroy cough* and we passed.


We had chosen Mason. Told the whole family too! Had it engraved on a little wooden toy car and I even had it written on my Starbucks cup. One day we both woke up and realized it was not for us at all! We still love the name, but it didn’t feel right after all.


A name I’d loved since I was a kid watching Bold and the Beautiful — ha! After we scrapped Mason, we told our family of our plan to name him Thorne instead. In time, it wound up suiting him best as his middle name.

A few other names we loved but didn’t make the cut:

  • Otto
  • Finn
  • Archer
  • Lou
  • Bristol

If you’re curious how Fox got his name, check out the story here, and here are our choices for girls’ names.

What’s your favorite name for a little boy?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

P.S. I had this cute little “T is for Thorne” onesie made by Cheerily.

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