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Newborn Must-Haves for Second Baby

February 5, 2019

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I learned a lot about baby brands the first time around.

We were lucky enough to receive a lot of hand-me-downs from family, but we also put a ton of our own money into trial and error deciding what products we actually needed, which brands were worth the splurge, and which budget-friendly options had better quality than you’d think.

There were several brands I feel like we would have struggled without.

As we embark on round two of parenthood, I’m sharing with you a small handful of my favorite brands to keep in our household that make life easier.


One brand that excels in our eyes, not only in the infant stages but growing further into toddlerhood, is Graco. As a colicky baby, their Soothing System Glider instantly made Fox more comfortable and allowed us significantly more sleep than without. Fox also came home from the hospital in a Graco travel system and when it came time to buy a toddler stroller we test drove about a dozen at Target and were surprised to land on one of the more affordable options — you guessed it, another Graco item. After a couple years and many trips on airplanes, various terrains, and dozens of Disneyland trips, it came time to replace that stroller and we bought the very same one!

Top picks


Although I didn’t discover DockATot until Fox was a bit older, I now know that this is one of those items that proves immensely helpful for little ones and parents alike. Fox took his naps beside me as I worked from home after he was born. Having to go back and forth to his room was, quite frankly, a pain in the butt, and I constantly wished I had a safe spot for him to lay in directly beside me. I worked better knowing he was right there under my watchful eye.

As a toddler, Fox has graduated to a DockATot Grand which he still naps and lounges in, and we’ve already gotten the smaller-sized DockATot Deluxe (which Fox is already keeping warm for his baby brother).

Top picks

Loulou Lollipop

I was not prepared with cute little items like teethers, pacifier clips, and loveys. I also didn’t realize how crucial swaddles are in the first several months. Find a cute shop you love and go to town filling a cart with your favorites! Buying quality goods straight out the gate ensures they’ll last throughout the early stages of life without having to be replaced all the time. They’ll also be beautiful keepsakes for the baby box. Whimsical baby items are something Loulou Lollipop does best!

Top picks

Solly Baby

It’s all about the fabric! You want soft feels that won’t scratch or irritate baby and you’ll find swaddles stay put better when the quality is top notch. I have yet to find another company that makes softer baby goods than Solly Baby, whose assortment of layettes, wraps, and swaddles are staples in my baby bag. Plus, the designs are stunning and grown up, making it easy to wear with your current wardrobe.

Top picks

What is are some of your favorite baby brands?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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