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Setting Healthy Postpartum Goals

January 24, 2019

This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’ve given myself a lot of grace this pregnancy including naps on-demand, not picking up the house when my body just didn’t want to seem to let me, and eating whatever I want (so long as it was baby-safe).

I figured that my body was already being put through the wringer, undergoing so many changes, that I wasn’t going to make anything harder than it needed to be.

The only drawback is that I’ll have new habits to form come March once baby is here!

I’ve had some time to reflect on what those changes could be for me, within reason because having a newborn is chaotic.

Am I right?

Here are a few things I’m striving to do each day postpartum.

Spend Some Quality Time with My First-Born

When Fox came on the scene, his colic started at about 2 weeks old. I’d take a moment to myself when my husband got home by cooking up a meal kit. I didn’t have to worry about making a grocery list or shopping, plus my tired brain didn’t have to follow a lengthy recipe. This time, Fox loves to help — especially when we cook — so I think it will be a rewarding bonding experience between us to cook dinner together before we all regroup and eat the finished product.

Stretch My Legs

This pregnancy has been rough on my body, so I have rarely gotten out of the house. It’s basically swim lessons and chill! As soon as my body feels strong again, I plan on finding time here and there do get back into my basic workout routine and take the baby on walks through our beautiful neighborhood.

Carve Out a Moment for Myself

I know this one is hard, mamas. With multiple kids in the house, it isn’t always easy to get that minute to yourself. My husband and I have an unspoken agreement to take shifts every once in awhile so we can each relax at some point. My favorite way to clear my head is to sit down with a jigsaw puzzle and a hot cup of tea

It’s always been kind of fun to go to my tea cabinet (yes, I have a fully stocked kitchen cabinet just for tea!) and choose my flavor of the day. Sometimes I choose based off of my mood and others out of necessity. During the fall months I chatted with you about the yummy autumn-inspired flavors dreamed up by Celestial Seasonings, but for the coming months, here are my top affordable, zero-calorie picks:

  • Peppermint Did you know peppermint tea is a great tool for feeling more energized?
  • Honey Vanilla Chamomile For when the kids are actually asleep and you want to help your body get ready for bed
  • Country Peach Passion To bring a little sunshine and some big flavor to snowy Buffalo

Did you notice that the teabags are stringless to aide with sustainability? The boxes are recycled as well.

Yet another timesaver: order your favorite flavors from Walmart online for free pick-up! You can also find their large assortment lining the shelves.

What’s your favorite flavor?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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