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Traditional Red Valentine’s Decor Home Tour

February 3, 2020

I’m going to say two words and I want you to think of an image that represents those words in your head: Valentine’s Day.

Did you immediately think of something red? There’s a good chance you did! 

Even though I usually keep my decor pretty subdued when it comes to color pops, the Valentine reds that I saw when I went into Pier 1 had me doing a happy little heart dance. Initially I went in looking for these cute blush-colored chargers that I saw online, but I couldn’t help myself as soon as I saw these pillows and the gorgeous wooden wreath.

The pillows are scattered them throughout the rooms, mixing with black, white, and tan. I am a huge proponent for cozy, so pillows and throws are where it’s at!

The items you see throughout the room are mostly repurposed from Christmas decor. When we moved into our first home this past fall, we opted to choose a smaller home that was completely flipped rather than a large one that needed work. Charlie was only 6 months old and we didn’t want Fox to experience upheaval as well, add busy schedules into that mixture and we really needed to get in and settled immediately.

With a small home comes less storage space.

I don’t want decor piling up not being used, so I allow myself several bakers racks in the basement and seasonal tubs in the attic and that’s it. I prefer to reuse decorations from previous seasons and breathe new life into them with found treasures and a few new decor highlights.

The love in this room really pops out to me.

Fox absolutely loves when I decorate for a new holiday. We are in a bit of a unique situation because Fox did a couple years of preschool, but he is not currently in school until the fall when he starts Kindergarten. He’s had a taste of celebrating by handing out Valentine’s and the like, so I feel the need to make it more special for him at home.

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Sarabeth, The February Fox

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